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POA is a decentralized EVM-compatible open source platform. It is designed to eliminate key disadvantages of the blockchain, such as scalability and security. To solve these tasks, POA uses its own Proof of Authority consensus algorithm. Thanks to this consensus, transactions on the network occur extremely fast and with low fees.

What is POA (POA)?

The POA cryptocurrency is a decentralized open source digital currency. The POA Network is based on the Ethereum protocol. The main goal of the platform is to develop decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. The project aims to eliminate the scalability and security problems of the Ethereum network.

The blockchain uses its own Proof of Authority consensus algorithm to ensure the security of the network. The essence of this algorithm is that when adding new blocks, you need confirmation from the network validators. POA validators are public and independent users, notaries of the USA, who signed a legal agreement with the network. Thanks to the POA blockchain, organizations can build their own networks, as well as deploy decentralized applications. The POA blockchain provides organizations and developers with fast transactions (blocks are generated every 5 seconds) along with low fees. In addition, POA is a fully EVM-compatible blockchain that uses horizontal scalability. This allows you to create multiple POA networks and connect them with bridges, which increases bandwidth and performance.

Why should I trade POA?

POA is quite promising project and there are a number of reasons to trade POA coin:

  1. The more projects will be implemented on the basis of this blockchain, the higher the POA quotes will be. So now there is an opportunity to buy the dip.
  2. The project solves such topical issues as scalability, security, and increasing bandwidth.
  3. You can use some trading strategies, for example, arbitrage, scalping, and holding. The cost of POA is relatively low, so if you suffer losses, they will not greatly affect your wallet.

At the time of writing the review (July 25, 2021), the cost of POA is $0.02477, with a market capitalization of $7,180,937. The highest POA price of $0.9525 was recorded on May 10, 2018. The minimum price was marked on March 13, 2020 when one POA coin was worth $0.004248. This coin showed excellent growth at the beginning of the project launch, but then the price dropped significantly.

Where to trade POA?

The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is that you can sell and buy coins 24/7. POA is represented on the most leading crypto exchanges, as well as brokers. You need to choose the platform that meets your needs. The best places to trade POA are:

  1. Binance — provides a fixed fee for trading operations in the amount of 0.1% of each transaction.
  2. HitBTC — uses a multi-level system for calculating trade duties, the more the user trades, the lower his fee will be.
  3. 7b — the best place for novice traders, paying a low and transparent fee, you can trade POA at the most competitive rates in just a few clicks.

How to trade POA using the 7b crypto broker app?

The main advantage of a crypto broker is an increased security system, a larger selection of trading pairs, as well as ease of use. So to trade POA on 7b, you just need to:

  1. Sign up for your account if you are with us for the first time.
  2. Transfer funds from your wallet to your 7b balance.
  3. Choose which cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell.
  4. Specify the amount.
  5. Click the transaction confirmation line.
  6. Success! Soon your coins will be credited to your account.

POA Exchange

Where to exchange POA?

There is a huge selection of exchange platforms on the cryptocurrency market, each of which seeks to improve the exchange service and surpass its competitor. POA is a new crypto asset, so it can only be safely exchanged on exchanges or brokers. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:


AdvantagesDisadvantagesMany assets to exchangeComplex interfaceThere are no additional fees for the operation of the serviceLimited choice of pairs to exchangeThe major ones provide a wallet for storage


AdvantagesDisadvantagesSuitable for beginnersAdditional fee for the servicesWide variety of exchange pairsNo security issues

In addition to HitBTC (POA/BTC, POA/ETH, POA/USDT, POA/DAI) and Binance (POA/BTC), you can exchange POA on such exchanges as:

  1. Bankor Network — a decentralized blockchain protocol that allows you to directly convert cryptocurrencies among themselves. The exchange direction is POA 20/BNT.
  2. Coin DCX — a simple and intuitive interface with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and fast transactions. You can exchange POA with BTC.

What to know before exchanging POA?

Before you jump into the swap pool with your head, consider the following steps that will be able to save your funds:

  1. Use the monitoring of crypto exchangers.
  2. Compare the fees of various services and platforms.
  3. Do not forget to carefully enter the wallet address.

How to buy POA for fiat?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to buy POA coins directly using fiat currency. In order to add POA to your crypto portfolio, you will first need to purchase BTC for a fiat currency, and then exchange BTC for POA. This can be done on a variety of platforms, for example, using the ChangeNow or CoinGate fiat gateways. You can use the services of the exchanges listed above or the 7b crypto broker to exchange BTC/POA.

POA token use cases

The following use cases of the POA token are indicated on the official website of the project:

  1. Utility token. It is used as a payment within the network.
  2. Currency token. Traditional use as a means of payment, investment, and so on.
  3. Collateral token. It is used if you want to borrow cryptocurrency.
  4. Stacking token. You can earn money on POA stacking by bridging the token to a sidechain that supports Proof of Stake.


Is POA a good investment?

If the POA team adheres to its roadmap, the quotes may increase again in the future. So now you can buy the dip. The project solves topical issues and the more platforms will work on the POA blockchain, the higher the value of the asset itself will be.

How do I invest in POA?

You should minimize your risks. In terms of investment — it is the distribution of funds in various directions. To purchase, withdraw funds from the wallet to the 7b account, select the POA for the purchase, set the amount, click the buy button.

How to trade POA for beginners?

When choosing a cryptocurrency for investment, you should not focus on the current exchange rate. A cheap coin is able to demonstrate impressive growth in a short period of time. Select a trading platform, log in to your account, select a POA for sale or purchase, enter the amount.

What is POA Blockchain?

POA Network is an EVM blockchain for the development of DApps (decentralized applications) and smart contracts. The main task of the project is to improve the scaling of the network, due to its own Proof of Authority consensus algorithm.



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