How to trade Axie?

What is Axie (AXS)?

Axie Infinity is a collectible NFT game on Ethereum, in which users breed Axie virtual creatures. Each Axie is a unique non-fungible token (NFT). The game combines elements of Pay-to-Win and Play-to-Earn mechanics.

Why should I trade Axie?

To date, AXS is an extremely popular and profitable coin, for the following reasons:

  • Axie presents an engaging game where users can not only have an interesting time, but also really earn money. Thanks to this, more and more players are joining the process, investing their funds, and increasing the value of AXS.
  • Axie is one of the most popular blockchain games. The cost of AXS is growing rapidly, the price has increased by more than 35,000% in less than a year. And according to the forecasts of Digital Coin and Economy Forecast Agency, by the end of 2021 the price will be at least $65.

Where to trade Axie?

At the moment, the AXS is not traded on all known exchanges, but still some top exchanges have included the coin in the list. The list of the best trading platforms for AXS includes:

  • Binance — the most famous exchange provides basic and advanced types of trading, but none of them can be called simple for an inexperienced trader.
  • Huobi — a reliable exchange with a large set of trading tools and relatively low fees.
  • 7b — a secure crypto broker that provides the opportunity to trade more than 300 coins at reasonable and transparent fees.

How to trade Axie using the 7b crypto broker app?

7b crypto broker is the best place to trade AXS at the most competitive rates on the market. The platform offers to trade more than 400 coins and 2000 trading pairs in the most secure and convenient manner. Trade quickly, easily, and simply. To trade AXS, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your 7b account.
  2. Top up your balance through easy payment methods.
  3. Pick AXS for trading
  4. Enter the amount to buy or sell.
  5. Place a market order.
  6. Wait for the funds to arrive.

Axie Exchange

Where to exchange AXS?

In addition to exchanges, the functionality and interface of which can confuse even an experienced trader, you can use brokers and swap platforms for fast and convenient exchange of AXS. They differ in their advantages and disadvantages, after analyzing which you will easily understand what is suitable for you:


Pros ConsSafetyThe coins are credited to the account balanceUnlimited exchangeA wide range of exchange directions

Swap platform:

Pros ConsAnonymityExchange limitsDifferent types of ratesFewer choice of coins and pairs The coins are credited directly to the wallet

  • ChangeNOW — a reliable platform that provides the exchange of more than 170 cryptocurrencies.
  • Changelly — one of the most popular platforms, with more than 170 assets to exchange.
  • SimpleSwap — a secure platform that provides more than 300 coins for exchange.

What to know before exchanging Axie?

Searching for the best platform for AXS exchange is quite a difficult task, make sure that you have protected yourself as much as possible by following the below recommendations:

  1. Compare the exchange rates of the platform to choose the really best one.
  2. Find out if the platform charges additional fees.
  3. Study the list of supported cryptocurrency pairs.
  4. Analyze the reviews about the platform.
  5. Do not forget to double-check the wallet address.

How to buy Axie for fiat?

If you are interested in the Axie project, then you can easily invest some of your free funds in it. In order to make a quick purchase of coins for your national currency, you need to choose a platform with support for a fiat gateway. There are three main parameters when choosing: security, fees, supported currencies. One of the best platforms is ChangeNOW. All you need to do:

  1. Select the fiat currency for the purchase of AXS.
  2. Enter the purchase amount.
  3. Enter the recipient’s address.

Axie token use cases

The AXS token is an utility platform token of the ERC-20 standard. It is used in the following cases:

  1. Governance: AXS token holders will be able to stake tokens and participate in voting on management issues.
  2. Stacking: players will be able to stake AXS and receive weekly rewards.
  3. Payment: Players can use the AXS token to make payments in the game.


Is Axie a good investment?

Yes, Axie is a promising and ambitious project that can move the NFT games sector far. This is a relatively affordable way to invest in the NFT asset market. The cost of AXS has increased by 35,000% in just a year, and according to analysts, this is just the beginning.

How do I invest in Axie?

A trader who decides to invest in the AXS should be aware of the possible risks. The coin is still extremely young, so it can both significantly increase your capital and suffer losses. In order to invest in AXS, you can use 7b: fund your balance, select AXS, enter the purchase amount, place a market order.

How to trade AXS for beginners?

Do not choose a cryptocurrency for trading based on various tops, signals, and so on. Only your own analysis of the asset will allow you to clearly determine whether it is worth trading it. In order to trade safely, use 7b: top up your balance, select a trading pair, place a market order.

What is Axie Blockchain?

Axie Infinity is a battling game on the Ethereum blockchain, in which players fight monsters and other players with the help of mythical animals — Axies. The project is an NFT game with its own economy, game strategies and earnings of SLP and AXS tokens, as well as various types of leisure.



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