ETC Giveaway | 7b Crypto broker

We are happy to present $500 of ETC giveaway to you. Do not miss your chance to take the prize — the action period of the event is 15/12–17/12

How to participate?

To take part in the competition just follow the simple steps of the instruction:

  1. Download 7b crypto broker app and sign up
  2. Fund it with BTC, ETC or any other cryptocurrency
  3. Trade any amount of Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  4. Send the screenshot of your 7b account page in the DM on Twitter

How will the winners be chosen?

The winners are going to be chosen randomly through The list of winners will be published on the official account of 7b broker on Twitter.

There are going to be 20 winners who will share the prize pool.

The prize will be sent to your account on 7b.



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